Sustainable Tourism

Environmental Policy

Nature and Man are manifestations of the same entity.

We cannot act like observers and transforming agents, acting as if Nature  was something independent and external to us.

Man is part of Nature, therefore any action upon Nature must have an holistic approach.

The incredible balance of the planet is smart and tiny.

Sensible to the tiniest unbalance, continuous self adjustment is a reality, but there are adaptation limits that should be observed, in order to maintain sustainability.

This perception is the basis of Quinta do Avô way of living.

All daily operational decisions comply with a minimal ecological footprint perspective. This is true when observing our carbon footprint, when observing our social responsibility while working for a healthy social integration, and also in ethical terms by respecting animals and Nature, preserving our physical space quality for common welfare.

We try to convince all those that interact with us to use information in different medias located in our space, so that sustainability may be conserved and ecological footprint may be reduced while raising awareness of all.

We always try to act in a sustainable way for the sake of all.

We sort waste for recycling and minimize its production.

Together with a group of certified partners, we promote nature awareness and cultural identity preservation.

Social Responsability

Speaking of sustainable tourism is also speaking of social responsibility.

A narrow link between a tourism organization and local communities is a driver for economic vitality, welfare increase, and also the way to show solidarity and achieving a more tolerant and responsible world.

In fact, tourism is a cross-cutting activity that can contribute to welfare, nature and heritage protection, ethnical and cultural diversity and to global universal values.

We want to give our social contribution, properly scaled to our dimension.

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