About Us

Quinta do Avô Mural

We have restored this building in a way that respects the traditions and history embedded in
its walls. The origin of this place is lost in time. The local blacksmith lived and worked here
around the time of the second world war and later it was reconfigured into a recreational spot
as evidenced by the remaining mural shown in the picture above.

This is an ideal place to have an enjoyable stay in one of seven rooms with a private bathroom
and air conditioning.


We offer a standard bed and breakfast service using local products. It is also possible, by prior
booking, to arrange an external gastronomic experience featuring traditional Portuguese

Quinta do Avô is an Eco-friendly space where nature is celebrated. We offer limitless quietness and a unforgettable silence.

In the area around the Quinta you can enjoy incredible landscapes and admire the bio-diversity
of the region, walking along various nature trails such as the “Via Nova” (or Geira), an
historical route from the time of the Roman Empire in the form of a strategically planned main
road linking Bracara Augusta and Asturica Augusta (in Spain). You can also take a short
excursions to various points of interest in the Peneda Gerês National Park or join a more
radical mountain program with some of our licenced partners.

These are more than enough reasons for booking a weekend with a difference and detox from
the stresses of city life.

We are pet friendly.

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